Happy Blogiversary!

One year ago today, I started this blog with really little-to-no thought, other than that I wanted to document what was going on in my life. After eight months of sporatic posting, Kels came on board as a writer and we decided to be intentional and committed to a regular posting schedule. So, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Words of Williams was reborn with intention. We still consider May 20 the birthday of this blog, however, and want to celebrate the milestones of our first year with you all. We think it's kind of fun that this is our 101st post! Here goes...

Top Posts

  1. 12 Reasons We're Still Married
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  3. He Put a Ring On It
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  6. Are You Ready for Marriage?
  7. Our Morning Routine
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  10. What's With the Nicknames?

>> Our fairytale as a whole gets more views than most of these posts, so it is excluded from this list.


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Blogs We Love

>> There are many more, but these are the marriage, family, leadership and blogging blogs we both read and are inspired by on a daily basis.

Top Commenters

>> We love all your comments! There are more than 500 total. Whoop! You guys and gals are fantastic.

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>> These make us chuckle, but we appreciate all readers, no matter how they find us.


  1. What's your favorite post in our first year of blogging?
  2. Who has read all of our posts? (Mom, is that you?)