It's Your Money | The Book


We were a few years out of college with a brand new house we could barely afford and nearly $40,000 in debt. After overspending $1,500 one month, we decided to clean up our act before starting a family and spent the next 23 months digging our way out of debt on a very average household income. This book will tell you how we did it and give you practical steps on how you can do it, too. You might be frustrated with all of the money advice you get. It can be very pointed and opinionated. But there is usually more than one way of doing things. While understanding financial principles is great, you'll ultimately have to discover what works for you and your money.

"It's Your Money" is a book with two parts. Part I tells our story, filled with principles we were never taught growing up, money lessons we learned the hard way throughout our early adult lives and how we ended up in debt due to financial mistakes.

Part II is filled with practical action steps to help you get a handle on your own finances and start developing a plan to help you achieve your goals. You'll be motivated and inspired to win with your money.

Very practical and helpful advice for those who need real life examples of how to get out of debt. Loved this!
— Brittany Liggitt

What Others Are Saying

Kelsey and Eric's story is incredibly motivating and told in an engaging, easy-to-read manner with lots of helpful advice for those at the beginning of their financial journey. -Caitlin

There are so many books/seminars/apps these days that are dedicated to budgeting, but rarely do they feel relatable. Instead of just spouting numbers and stats and percentages, this book actually talks about budgeting in terms of real life. Eric shares the how and the why and the implementation of a real life budget. His use of stories about his life and their budget takes something that seems so distant and foreign and mechanical and turns it into a part of everyday life. For me, budgeting seems so impersonal and ugly and a barrier to living your life the way you want. Eric takes the mystery and stigma out of it, and shows you that it not only enhance your life, but create a way to really connect with your partner. I will be sharing this book with everyone I know. It's a great read!! -Cathy

If you have attended Financial Peace University and need a kick in the pants to get your "gazelle intensity" going again - read this book!

If you have talked forever about getting out of debt - read this book!

If you feel like everyone your age is in debt, and you've resigned yourself to the fact that this is your life - read this book!

If you need a reminder on why you are on the getting-out-of-debt journey - read this book! husband and I attended FPU a few years ago, and started applying some of the principles we learned. But we never kept up with our monthly budget, and am now finding ourselves here, three years later, still in debt, still paying minimum payments, with a measly savings account, and we are ready to do something about it! Reading Eric's message was just the spark we needed! It's a reminder to us that we don't need to keep slogging through month after month; instead, we can take charge of our money! -Suzanne

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