Our Morning Routine

Eric and I started working at the same company two and a half years ago, and the biggest adjustment has undoubtedly been our morning routine. Eric's old hours were 7-4:30, and my hours were flexible, so Eric would get up first and get ready, and then wake me up on his way out. Now, we carpool every day and that means I have to get up earlier than him (since I take twice as long to get ready). Our hours are flexible: we can go in to work between 7 and 9 and leave between 4 and 6. This is great, but Eric is a morning person and I am not.

His ideal time to arrive at work is 7:30 a.m. I am not against this (I like getting off at 4), but my No. 1 priority is sleep. I like to feel refreshed when I get up and not feel groggy. So, I would prefer to listen to my body and lay in bed as long as I feel like it, even if it's not until 7:30.

Here is our morning routine as of late:

5:50 a.m. Eric's alarm goes off. He presses snooze. (This goes against everything he believes in, but I've trained him after all these years.) 6:00 Eric turns off his alarm, turns on his lamp and starts reading the Bible. I continue to snooze/wake up. 6:10 I am supposed to get up and get in the shower. Lately it has been more like 6:30 because my body is tired... 6:40 Eric gets up, and I get out of the shower. (Yes, I take a 30-minute shower.) Eric goes to the kitchen to eat breakfast and pack his lunch. I dry my hair and apply makeup. 6:55 Eric gets in the shower. I curl my hair and finish makeup. 7:10 I get dressed. Eric packs my lunch for me. 7:15 Eric's ideal time that we would leave for work. 7:30 We actually leave for work.

Do you have any ideas we can try? We start our bedtime routine around 9:30. Is it possible that I get too much sleep? How can I get my butt out of bed? How do you get yourself out of bed each morning?

(Update 12/23/11: Eric now gets up at 5:15 every morning to do the hustle: blogging, photos etc. and since I'm pregnant, Eric let's me sleep as much as I want and we currently don't ride together but maybe twice a week. Not ideal, but while I'm growing a baby this is our best solution.)

Our routines: