What's With the Nicknames?

You may have noticed the photo in our sidebar with our names signed "Kels & Ric." You may then have wondered, "What's with the nicknames?" Or at least you may have wondered why Kels calls me Ric. Let's start with Kels: Kels is short for Kelsey. See how that works? Kelsey. Pretty self explanatory, right? Most of her friends and family call her Kels, and there really isn't much more to it other than it's the first syllable of her full name.

I like to make variations to this on occasion. I call her Kels-dog, KW (from Where the Wild Things Are), K-money, K-Dub, Kiki, Chelsey (which is what my dad says sometimes when he forgets my wife's name...). I like to keep it fresh, ya know?

One way I like to make Kels laugh is to make up nicknames for people we know, out of the blue, and then she gets to guess who I am really talking about. And then we laugh about how I came to that nickname.

On to Ric: Pretty easy to see that it's just Eric without the 'E.' Eric. See how that works? There is actually more to the story, though. This spawned from a few different sources. The first of which is a Saturday Night Live skit that we both love: Kaitlin and Rick. Have you seen it? The first one we saw was about a sleepover. Lindsay Lohan was the host of that episode, but I couldn't find it on the interwebs so I will post an equally funny and possibly more relevant skit:


After we first saw the skit, I started using the Kaitlin voice to Kels. We were driving over a bridge once and I said, "Rrrrriiiicckkk the Bbbbrrrriiiiiiiiiidddgggee!" And it stuck. Now, every time we drive over a bridge, she wants me to pull out the voice.

Another reason she calls me Ric is because she was the first one to think of it. It's special to her in that way. Her family has caught on and they all call me Ric now, and to the little ones I am known as Uncle Ric (I couldn't be prouder to be called that).

Anyone out there have any snazzy nicknames? Do share...secrets don't make friends.