Budget Tools

  • Budget Spreadsheet (Excel) - monthly budgeting spreadsheet. We used this spreadsheet while we were paying off debt.
  • You Need a Budget - 34 day free trial. See my review for more details. We graduated to this after five years of using the spreadsheet and love it!
  • Every Dollar - Free version available, but if you want to connect your accounts and have support, there is a paid version as well.

Debt Snowball

  • Debt Reduction Calculator - I use this when I work with others. It has the flexibility to change the order of your debt snowball as desired.
  • What's the Cost - We used this website when we were paying off debt. I liked that you could login and save your snowball and edit it from month to month. It's an ancient site, but does the trick. I would have used the debt reduction calculator above if I would have known about it at the time.
  • What is a Debt Snowball? - post I wrote about creating and managing our debt snowball.


  • It's Your Money - a book I wrote about our journey in discovering how to handle our money with intention, get on a budget, and pay off debt. 
  • The Family Playbook - The workbook our family uses to set intentional yearly goals (financial, spiritual, relational, personal). 
  • The Total Money Makeover - Dave Ramsey's bread and butter. A proven plan for financial fitness.
  • Master Your Money - A Step-by-Step Plan for Experiencing Financial Contentment by Ron Blue