The Family Playbook

How do you keep track of the visions and goals for your family? In the busyness of day-to-day life it's easy to lose focus of what matters most. Don't get caught letting another year fly by without a compass pointed toward your families hopes and dreams. We created The Family Playbook: Intentional Planning for Your Family Life to solve this issue. Early on in our marriage, the years seemed to slip by and we were left wondering why we couldn't gain any traction toward the hopes, dreams, and aspirations we had intended.

So, we started a yearly planning meeting in which we discussed the upcoming year, set goals, dreamed and put pen to paper for the things we wanted to accomplish. The process has evolved and improved over the years into a productive, effective way of intentionally planning for our family.

We want to offer you the same benefits we've seen through this process. This workbook will give you the basic structure and tools to walk you through planning the future for your family.

...thank you for putting together such an encouraging and clearly laid out playbook for others to use and be successful with on their family planning. Excellent job!
— Heather and Paul West


The Family Playbook is designed to help you focus on your family goals in an interactive way by documenting your goals, dreams, and traditions so that they actually happen. Failure to plan is planning to fail as my high school guidance counselor always said.

The Family Playbook Includes

  • Pre-meeting homework
  • Agenda
  • Worksheets for organizing and setting personal and family goals
  • Budgeting recommendations
  • Formulas for calculating expenses and how to save for them
  • A place to document your new and old family tradition

Why You Should Get Your Copy Today

1. It won't take too much time: We spend about two hours walking through the playbook each year. And then review the playbook periodically to ensure we are on track.
2. Easy to use: The text is concise and aimed at giving direction and guidance and letting you plan using the helpful worksheets.
3. Great value: For the price of your morning latte, you can plan a future for your family to make their goals and dreams a reality.

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What Others Have to Say About The Family Playbook

The Family Playbook was just what we needed after feeling like we had floated for a full year. After a move across the state and two new jobs, we allowed ourselves to "settle in" for too long and realized we allowed valuable time to pass us by. The Family Playbook gave us a place to organize all of our thoughts in a simple format, and we knew it was coming to us well researched and well advised. We love having our annual plan, both the quantitative and qualitative details, in one place, easy to reference now and always.

--Doug and Jessica Rolwes

We are a young family of three. After a "roll-with-the-punches" year, we decided it was time to try something different. Enter The Family Playbook. I wasn't convinced it would be easy to talk my husband into having a purposed family meeting (I'm the planner in the family, not him), but knew I needed to try.

Thankfully, with the way it was written (thank you, Eric) there was no struggle. The Playbook provided an excellent agenda and jumping-off point for constructive and organized conversation. I used it alongside our planner and budget for this next year and it was seamless. There were parts of it we didn't use this year (the life goals) because we are using this year to develop our goals. I'm completely satisfied and stoked about this Playbook. I'm already excited about revisiting it in January when we check on our progress.

Thank you, Eric and Kelsey!

--Bridgette Troyer

As facilitators for nine Financial Peace University classes we have seen dozens of couples make dramatic improvements in their lives. We have seen hundreds more muddle through the course while they continue to flounder financially, socially and spiritually. The successful couples seek wise counsel, implement a sound plan and find the discipline to follow their plan. The plan must be in writing, be respectful of each partner’s goals and result in mutual agreement on the final plan. You can find what you need to get started on a new and rewarding lifestyle in The Family Playbook by Eric and Kelsey Williams. Do it today!

--Bob and Debbie Conroy

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're confident this workbook will help you and your family. In fact, we're offering a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. If you work through the workbook and it doesn't satisfy, we'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

If you’re ready to take your family life to the next level, purchase the workbook!