Once upon a time in the land of northern Iowa on a quaint little community college campus, a freshman lad met a damsel that caught his eye. T'was the first semester for both of them and they quickly discovered they had a lot in common, and a friendship was born. The friendship blossomed as time passed during that first year of college, in fact the friendship was such that feelings started to stir inside of the boy and he was developing a crush on the girl. One Sunday afternoon the boy introduced the girl to his best friend. The boy's heart grew heavy as it was apparent that the girl was not interested in him, yet she was falling for the boy's friend. The boy's friend and the girl had much in common. Most important, they both knew of God.

This sparked the boy's curiosity. He began to pray to God. The more he studied God and his word, the more it stirred his heart to change the way he was living. The boy decided to give his life to Christ and trust that his relationship with the girl, whether friend or lover, would be God's will for their lives.

With a new faith to give him strength, the boy knew that he had to be OK with just being friends. However, God had different plans. He was also working in the girl's heart. God softened the girl's heart to the idea that the boy and she might be more than friends.

The girl decided to trust God and accepted an invitation for a first date with the boy. Sparks flew, and the boy quickly knew he would one day marry the girl and they would live happily ever after.

Their first summer they spent apart, yet rendezvoused on the weekends, spending many of them in Okoboji, the lakes where their love was kindled.

In the fall they went back to college. The boy transfered away after a semester to the school the girl would later go.

On Christmas Day of their senior year of college, the boy asked for the girl's hand in marriage. The answer was yes and the newly betrothed started planning the day they would wed.

It would be Oct. 7, 2006, a beautiful fall day with picturesque fall leaves that boded well for a lakeside cruise in convertibles after tying the knot. They danced until the sunset.

The fairytale continues in the "Happily Ever After" section below...


Chapter 1 : Boy Meets Girl Chapter 2 : Girl Meets Boy's Friend Chapter 3 : Boy's Friend Meets Girl's Friend Chapter 4 : Boy Meets God Chapter 5 : Girl Trusts God


Chapter 6 : Our First Summer Chapter 7 : Back to College Chapter 8 : Transferring Schools


Chapter 9 : The Proposal Chapter 10 : The Engagement Chapter 11 : The Wedding


Chapter 12 : The Honeymoon Chapter 13 : Year 1 Chapter 14 : Year 2 Chapter 15 : Year 3 Chapter 16 : Year 4 Chapter 17 : Year 5 Chapter 18 : Year 6