Over the Weekend: May 20-22, 2011


  • After work, we went to Bike World to check out their selection of recreation bicycles. We have just started to research and shop for two cruiser-ish bikes that we can ride to the grocery store, farmer's market, etc. Our current mountain bikes are 10 years old and last summer we loved riding them to run errands and eat at Dairy Queen, and new bikes would be lighter, smoother, more comfortable and quieter. ...Little did we know, however, that Eric would fall in love with the Electra beauty pictured below. It's got a green frame (his favorite color), an upgraded leather Brooks seat and white tires. It's a special 2009 model and currently on sale. I also found one that I really like. So, now we play the game where Eric rationalizes the purchases to me and I have to gently hold him back. We could sell or trade in our mountain bikes and buy them both in cash soon, but we should really probably wait until we sell our house or build up our savings to 3-6 months of expenses. (I'm betting we get the bikes in a few weeks...eek! Til then, I'll be praying for no buyer's remorse.)

You DO look good on that bike...

  • Don't you just love Eric's outfit? More details on Snappy Casual.
  • We attended the high school graduation party for this girl. She just might change the world someday.
  • My parents and brother came to town and we filled our tummies with a late dinner at HuHot, a Mongolian grill.

  • For a better look at my outfit, visit Snappy Casual.


  • We awoke to rain and were totally bummed that the MS Walk would be miserable. However, it cleared up by 9 a.m. and the weather was the best we've ever had (a little warm, even)! For a slew of photos from the event, check out our Flickr site.

  • Church at 5 p.m. If Jesus was going to come back, I wanted Him to find me in church. Ha!
  • We discovered the deliciousness that is RedRossa pizza. We got the chicken alfredo pie (plus bacon, because I just love it so much). The weather was perfect so we sat outside--one of my favorite things to do in the summer. It was wonderful! Thanks to the restaurant recommendation by our friends Dave and Sarah at 1 Cup Awesome.

  • We watched two episodes of LOST. Eric has wanted to watch the series for a few years now, and I have resisted because 1) I am sensitive to nightmares, and 2) I do not like to watch things that are not realistic. I've seen three episodes, and I do not love it, but I am starting to get curious. Please weigh in your thoughts as to whether this show will scare me and be a complete waste of my time, or if I will be OK. Ugh!
  • We divided and conquered: Eric ran to the grocery store and I took care of some other errands.
  • Eric edged the lawn and mowed in a diagonal pattern. (That one's for you, Jentine!)

  • I somehow rolled over my own toe with our computer chair--while sitting on it. Eric carried me to the bathtub before the blood got all over our carpet and doctored me up. We've been so clumsy lately!

  • Our life group got together to make sandwiches and cookies for the homeless. Afterward, Eric made his famous barbecue wings for dinner, and our church's head pastor and his wife came over to eat delicious food (outside on the deck!) and discuss the Bible and marriage with our group--nothing better!