A Delicious Drink

Um, so I'm starting a blog about...my life.

Here's the deal. I have a terrible memory and I figure that this is the only way I am ever going to remember all of the wonderful times in my life. All the blessings I receive, things that make me smile, weep, etc...

Also, what a great way for me to share what's going on in my life with those whom I care about, and those whom care about me.

Here it goes...

Kelsey and I ventured to Belmond/Rowan/Corwith this past weekend for my cousin Jason's wedding. We had a great time spending time with my family and I met a new friend along the way...Arnold Palmer.

This story really begins Friday night when we met our friends Mike and Jill for supper at P.F. Chang's. Mike asked the waitress, "Can you make an Arnold Palmer?" I had seen this in jug form in the grocery store a time or two, but it never really grabbed my attention (product placement must not have been that great). But now I was about to witness this concoction being drank right in front of me. I said, "Hey Mike, what exactly is an Arnold Palmer?" to which he replied, "Half lemonade, half iced tea." Yahtzee!!  Wow, that sounded good. Too bad I already ordered my usual Coke. End of introduction to Arnold Palmer.

Background story on my traveling habits:

Growing up I got the privelege of spending a fair amount of time in a car. My dad, who lives in Mason City, would come pick me up in Belmond (40 miles away) every other weekend. I cherished this time with my dad, as it was generally the only time I got to spend with him.

Before we left Belmond we would always stop at the gas station to get something to drink. I would always get a pop, usually a Cherry Pepsi. This is where my habit formed. Now anytime I drive anywhere that will take more than ½ hour I have to have something to drink. Kelsey thinks I am weird, but I am who I am.

So, when we were ready to leave Belmond last Sunday we stopped by my grandparent's quick to tell everyone goodbye and headed for home. We made it to the Flying J at the Boondocks, and I had to stop to get something to drink. (I think secretly Kelsey is starting to like this as she takes full advantage of these types of situations to fulfill her never-ending need for candy!)

This is where Arnold Palmer came back in my mind. What a perfect time to see what this Arnold Palmer guydrink is all about! I found it in the cooler at the gas station and was surprised to see that it came in a 23 oz. monster-size can. Better yet, only $1.19!!! The 20 oz Cherry Pepsi I had on the drive to Belmond was $1.69. You do the math. It was meant to be!

I opened it up and took the first sip...very delicious! The tea simmers the strong/sour/filmy taste that is left by 100% lemonade and the lemonade balances the bitter taste of iced tea. Brilliant man you are, Arnie! I have yet to play my first round of golf this year, but only hope that the courses are stocked up on this fine beverage.