31 Things I'm Grateful for in December


  1. The opportunity to work with Megan Schaap on a styled family photo shoot.
  2. That Rooney can sleep through loud noises when Eric is working on the basement.
  3. A baby girl on the way for my brother!
  4. The Sing-Off!
  5. Time off of work for the holidays.
  6. Seeing Rooney sit on her great-grandparents' laps.
  7. Finding out there is a new A&W restaurant less than 10 miles from our house.
  8. YNAB.
  9. A new pastor and growing congregation at my hometown church.
  10. My brother being done with chemo (at least for now).
  11. A daughter who eats well.
  12. Ankle boots.
  13. GoGo squeeZ pouches.
  14. Madewell's "We Will Find It For You" service.
  15. Not going over my data plan last month (my wireless somehow got turned off, yada yada yada, and I used 75% of my data in the first week. Oops.).
  16. Safe travels in snowy/icy conditions.
  17. Iowa winters for making me a tough(er) girl.
  18. A warm house and bed.
  19. Being able to choose what I wear.
  20. Trader Joe's awesome return policy.
  21. Peaceful evenings at home with the Christmas tree lights twinkling.
  22. Our annual family meeting.
  23. A simple Christmas celebration at home with Rooney.
  24. That Rooney seemed to really enjoy the few Christmas gifts we got her.
  25. Home.
  26. A husband who notices if something doesn't sound right with our cars.
  27. A daughter who sleeps well.
  28. Being able to understand most of Roo's words.
  29. Clear roads for traveling to see family.
  30. Morning cuddles.
  31. A year of growing in love and laughter with my family.
These lists will likely continue in 2014, but they will appear on Snappy Casual.
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