As 2013 Winds Down

As the year comes to a close, we'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support. It takes an awful lot of work for us to keep this site going, and it's because of the community that we keep going. It's always interesting to me to see which posts have gotten the most views throughout the year. Blog statistics are not everything, but they sure are interesting. We've seen some generosity from the Google gods, Pinterest and some generous blogging friends this year, which might explain why a few of the posts ended up in the top 10 for the year.

Most Viewed Posts of 2013

What Ingredients Are in Infant Formula? 21,273
DIY Nursery Art – Let Her Sleep 20,119
Free Download: Budget Spreadsheet 18,948
Nursery Reveal 9,857
Our Debt-Free Story 6,748
DIY: Pallet Wall 6,670
Why I Quit Breastfeeding 6,284
Why “Submitting to Your Husband” Is Actually a Compliment (guest post) 5,547
What to Bring to the Hospital When You Have a Baby 4,332
Things to Do (for Yourself) Before Baby Comes 4,149

Again, this list seems a bit skewed as a lot of these posts were written in 2012. Here is a list of highlights that I've put together (arbitrarily picked).

  • Also in August, Kelsey wrote on a particularly touchy subject... vaccinations.

And just for fun, and because I don't want to have to post this in 2014, here is a video (in 8x speed) of our family Christmas in the Williams house (note in the first 25 seconds how captivating I am at reading the Christmas story to my family...)

[tentblogger-vimeo 82696249]

 Peace out 2013. And cheers to a clean slate in 2014!