Currently Watching and Loving: The Sing-Off

I know I wrote earlier today about how we spend our time intentionally, but this is seriously one of three shows we watch weekly (we also love Parenthood and Modern Family). We kind of use it as a date night, too! Have you heard of or seen The Sing-Off? We stumbled upon it at the beginning of this season and it was love at first sound. The show is a musical contest in which there are no instruments aloud. The groups use only their voices to recreate hits with their own flavor.

It's on Monday nights from 7-9 p.m. on NBC. Since we canceled cable and can't watch Monday Night Football this season, The Sing-Off has been a great substitute. I think Kels is OK with the trade-off, too. ;)

We have two favorite groups and, in our opinion, no other groups really come close to being as talented. Here are a couple of our favorite performances from this season.

The Dartmouth Aires' Queen Medley

Pentatonix: Video Killed the Radio Star

What are you currently watching and loving?


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