30 Things I'm Grateful for in September

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  1. She Reads Truth devotionals (I read them on my phone via the Bible app).
  2. A baby on the way for one of my best friends. :)
  3. Inspiration to blog at Snappy Casual again.
  4. Accurately guessing what size shoes Rooney would be wearing this summer and fall.
  5. A husband who brings home ice cream.
  6. Nap time.
  7. Eric for taking Rooney to the grocery store while I slept in.
  8. Air conditioning.
  9. Electricity.
  10. Hot water.
  11. A washing machine.
  12. A dishwasher.
  13. An extra paycheck in August. It went straight to the Finish Basement fund!
  14. Being able to renew my driver's license online, saving me a trip to the DOT.
  15. Eric for packing my lunch when I was running late.
  16. A new Hy-Vee store less than a mile from our house.
  17. Eric for making a secret website to help me count down to my 30th birthday!
  18. Sharpie pens (they don't bleed to the back side of the paper - perfect for editing).
  19. Health insurance.
  20. The opportunity to play in a women's indoor volleyball league.
  21. Folding side-view mirrors on the minivan.
  22. FaceTime.
  23. Not being afraid of 30.
  24. Happy childhood memories.
  25. A decided theme for Rooney's 2nd birthday.
  26. Sweet Potato Smashfries.
  27. That Rooney gets to grow up with cousins close to her age.
  28. A $25 off coupon from my favorite store.
  29. Gazelle for buying our old iPhones for $160 each (use this link to get an additional $10 on your first trade-in!).
  30. The Hy-Vee Fuel Saver program. We saved more than $24 on one fill-up!