28 Things I'm Grateful for in February

  1. Pretty new rings that declare my love for Eric and Rooney (purchased here).
  2. Trader Joe's for making grocery shopping a little easier.
  3. Friends with Minnetonka discounts.
  4. A chiropractor we feel comfortable with.
  5. Eric's new job!
  6. A tax return.
  7. Wednesdays at home with Rooney.
  8. A boss that I really enjoy working with.
  9. Sharpies.
  10. An extremely casual dress code at work.
  11. Eyebrow waxes (I hate plucking!).
  12. Medicated ChapStick (I think I'm addicted).
  13. Mechanical pencils.
  14. A healthy child (she had a 104.6* fever last week but is back to her normal self now).
  15. The Cheesecake Factory "baby plates" (free banana and bread slices).
  16. A local farm that we can get grass-fed meat from.
  17. Natural healing remedies.
  18. That every day (for me) is bring your daughter to work day.
  19. Downton Abbey!!!
  20. Unexpected Goodwill finds.
  21. Scissors and Elmer's Glue. (Can you imagine what we'd do without them?)
  22. A husband who takes care of the snow removal so I don't even have to think about it.
  23. A husband who keeps my feet warm in bed before falling asleep at night.
  24. A reliable vehicle in this Iowa winter.
  25. The opportunity to work from home when the weather is bad or Roo is sick.
  26. That Rooney goes to day care with our friends' kids and I know all the parents of her friends.
  27. The $5 Panera gift card that was left for me at work as part of someone's Lenten Acts of Kindness.
  28. The opportunity to refinance our house again without closing costs.
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