31 Things I'm Grateful for in January

As part of my 2013 intentions, I am documenting 365 things I am grateful for this year. I plan to publish at list here at the end of each month.

  1. Taylor Swift and her amazing ability to write music. Our entire family loves her!
  2. A God who loves us more than we can imagine.
  3. Applebee's Carside to Go.
  4. A sister who has always vocalized her love for me.
  5. Sunday family naps.
  6. My husband's desire to provide for our family.
  7. Leggings.
  8. Blogging.
  9. Voice mails from my grandparents (it's almost a year old, but I don't ever plan to delete it).
  10. A king-size bed with clean sheets.
  11. Baby squeals.
  12. Stewart Adams for inventing Ibuprofen. We use it very sparingly, but it is a lifesaver when needed.
  13. Love letters from Eric found posted in the laundry room.
  14. Our video monitor, for saving us trips across the house to see if Roo is OK.
  15. Coupon codes and Ebates - I save so much money using them!
  16. My mom's thoughtfulness to save clothing from my childhood. It melts my heart when Rooney wears them now!
  17. Discovering that Eric has folded the laundry for me.
  18. Friends who lend books.
  19. That the stomach bug only stays for 24 hours.
  20. Parents who still provide for me, even when I don't ask.
  21. A husband who takes over for my baby duty when I'm not feeling well, and doesn't keep score.
  22. A husband who puts up with my obsession with Panera Bread.
  23. Being prepared financially to be able to buy random gifts for people.
  24. A fireplace to lay in front of on those 1-degree days.
  25. Sunshine coming in through the windows.
  26. Bob Goff's amazing faith as told in his book, Love Does.
  27. Our church family. Such a blessing!
  28. Being able to see friends who fly in from South Carolina for the week.
  29. My husband's hard work to create a pallet wall in our bedroom (post to come!).
  30. Access to clean water.
  31. Forgiveness from Eric when I forgot to do one of my weekly chores.

What are you grateful for this month?

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