Prayer Requests

What have you been praying for lately?  If you feel comfortable sharing with us, we'd love to pray with you and for you.

prayer requests

Our prayers have changed a lot since we did this last time. It's really cool to look back at what we were praying for last September and January and see that God is listening to us and moving in our lives.

We've had closure on a lot of our prayers. We definitely want to offer a prayer of thanksgiving that I remained healthy during my pregnancy and delivery, and that Rooney has been a healthy little girl. Those were two of our constant prayers before she arrived.

Last time we also were struggling with selling our house. Well, our house didn't sell, but it was still an answered prayer. God answered no and provided another way for us, and we know now that He was right (He always is!).

Our Prayers

  • Our reader Aimee who is yearning to find the right person to parent with and be a mom
  • Our reader Kate N. who is working to regain her health, pay off debt and get pregnant
  • My friend April (and her mom, Vickie, and brothers) who recently lost her father
  • Our reader Courtney who is pregnant and dealing with the sickness that comes with it
  • Our close friends who are expecting a baby and also recently became the primary caregivers for their 6-year-old niece
  • That we would find satisfaction in our work
  • That our family decisions would be intentional and thought-out so there is no regret
  • That our blog would be successful

We are excited to pray for you, wherever you are right now. Please leave a comment below and we will lift you up. (And if you've commented before, I'd love to hear how God has answered your prayers, or if you are still waiting for clarity!)