Reader Question: Do You Ever Want Another Child?

pregnant belly

A. I do! I definitely want Rooney to have a brother or sister, and I want to experience it all at least one more time. I used to want four kids, each three years apart, but now I'm not so sure about that. I never really did the math. Maybe two kids will be enough for us. :) I would love to experience raising a son, but I would also love for Rooney to know what it's like to have a sister.

Sometimes I even think I'm ready to get pregnant with our next kid. But I remember telling Eric the night she was born that we would have to adopt the rest of our children. I was traumatized for almost a week. I had flashbacks of the labor/delivery and it brought me to tears almost every time. But slowly over the first month, I realized that the joy she brings us is so worth all the pain.

I know I post a lot about my shock at how hard it really is to take care of another human. And I was not shy about my struggle with postpartum depression. I know I may experience the same sadness, anxiety, overwhelming-ness, fear and exhaustion with my future child/ren, and it worries me a little bit.

I will probably do things a bit differently next time to ease the transition. I hope to have less expectations about everything. Mostly breastfeeding. And more appreciation of the journey and the beauty of it all.


Question for you: When did you know that you were done having kids?