Big Things

Our 2012 motto, we decided recently, is big things.

For the past couple years, we've felt like we were in an odd chapter of our lives.

So many unknowns. So much learning and growing to do. So many decisions to make that will map out the rest of our lives.

We've been waiting and praying for more than a year for God to move in us--to show us where He wants us to live and work, to open and close doors that make clear His path for our lives.

We want to be faithful to God's plan for our lives, but we had no idea what it was.

We put our house up for sale last winter to be ready to move when the time came. We were OK with leaving the city.

We had our own dreams and ideas for our future, but weren't sure if they were from Him.

Where can we make a difference? How should we spend our time?

We didn't want to look back on our lives and regret anything.

In June 2011, I felt God speaking that our--or maybe just my--character wasn't ready yet for what was next.

So we prayed more, and waited, and studied His word.

And we rejoiced with friends whose prayers were being answered, and whose big-picture plans were starting to make sense. We could see God was laying a clear path for their lives.

But we felt a little jealous of them, too.

We were weary of waiting.

We believe that He orchestrates everything. That for years and years and years the intricate details of our lives have been woven into a much bigger, more beautiful plan that involves so many other people's stories.

And when we get a glimpse of this, it is amazing and glorious.

God is so big.

A month or so ago, Eric felt that He was speaking to us. Telling us to stay.

Stay in our house.

I was hesitant, because on paper the numbers just didn't make sense.

I was scared.

But, our cute little house somehow hadn't sold in a year, even at a ridiculously low price. There had to be a reason.

God wanted us to trust Him.

In just a couple short weeks, He provided a way for us to refinance our mortgage.

And He provided a wonderful day care for R, just a few blocks up the street (how we found it is an incredible story of its own).

He provides.

We have learned and grown a lot in the past two years. Learned about being patient and trusting each other and sticking together even when we feel vulnerable.

I don't think it's ever over...the process and journey of waiting, listening, seeking, continues.

But we're seeing things from a different perspective lately.

We are so thankful and blessed.

I'm sure there are even more big things to come.