What Are Your Words of Williams (Wisdom)?


Update 6/29/13: At this time, we are no longer accepting guest posts. Thanks for reading! One of the funnest things for us as bloggers is to see our readers join in the conversation. As time goes on, the comments on each post have not only helped the rest of the community, but they've also helped us tremendously. Which is why we would love to have you guest post on the site!

guest post

Without the community, we would be writing to ourselves--and that wouldn't be very much fun.

Because we know all of you have so much wisdom to share and that most of you have blogs of your own, we want to invite you to guest post on Words of Williams. We hope you would consider submitting a post for us to share with our readers. Depending on how many posts come in, we would definitely use these while we are on vacation next month to keep the content flowing, but otherwise they will never be more than one per week on a regular basis.

We have come up with some criteria that will help add value to the site and provide some additional perspective.

Here's What We're Looking For:


Your post should be somewhere between 200 and 700 words and fit into one of the following categories:

The content may not be used to promote a product or service. We do offer a sponsor post option to promote your product or services. More details here.


We will likely copy edit your content for grammar, spelling, punctuation etc., and will try to keep it as original as possible. We will also likely include an intro paragraph and possibly a closing paragraph with our own thoughts on the post.

  • The post must be original and not published anywhere else on the Web.
  • You must agree not to post the content anywhere else on the Web.
  • If you would like to promote the post via a very short teaser on your blog linking to the post, you may do so.
  • Be willing to engage in the comments section to answer questions.
  • Read these posts about guest blogging: "Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Guest Post" by Jeff Goins and "Anatomy of an Effective Guest Post" by Michael Hyatt (the inspiration for this post).

Guest posting can be a great thing when the content fits the audience. Please understand that we will only post content that we feel will give value to our readers. Unfortunately, that may mean that we have to turn away some good content. Please don't take offense. Sometimes content is just better suited elsewhere.

I've been rejected a handful of times from what I considered my very best content. If your post is rejected you are certainly free to do with it what you wish.

Submitting a Post

If your post meets the criteria above and you are ready to send, please email it to me. If you don't hear back after a week, please try again.

Please include:

  • A short bio with links to your blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts if applicable.
  • Paste the post in the body of an email (no Word documents).
  • Include a relevant image if you have one that will strengthen the post.

Thanks! --Team Williams