Letters to Baby: Week 25


Dear cupcake,

I can't believe we could meet you face-to-face in just a few short months! Your kicks are getting stronger each day and you're about 1.5 pounds now. I can't imagine my belly getting any bigger, but I know you have at least six more pounds to gain! Grow, baby, grow!

Last week you took your first airplane ride. It was a little rough with our combined body heat and you kicking me in the stomach to trigger my motion sickness, but we made it. :) My first flight was when I was 9 years old so you definitely have me beat. I am excited to share our love of travel with you!

Your dad and I went to a marriage retreat a couple weeks ago. I want you to feel secure and loved by us, and also know that we have a strong marriage foundation. We have the perfect little spot for you in our family and are starting to feel like this is really happening. I am so thankful to receive you as a gift from God and will strive to show you godly womanhood. I know you will be watching me in how I dress, what I say and how I act, so I am praying that I will be a good example for you.

We've chosen your name but haven't told anyone what it is. I even ordered something for your nursery last night with your initial on it. We've limited our use of your name so that we don't accidentally slip up and share it before you're here. We call you chunks, muffin or B-dub most of the time. But I can't wait to call you by your real name!

Love, Mom

Dear little muffin chunks,

We finally decided on a nickname for you while are in mommy's womb. We just got back from Washington, D.C., and you were such a trooper. Aside from fatigue and exhaustion while walking around all day, mom did a fantastic job taking you sightseeing on our tour of our nation's capital. I hope you are nice and warm in there as you have been keeping your mom extra warm even though fall will soon be turning to winter.

I've been reading to you and talking to you in hopes you get to know my voice. I have even felt you kick a handful of times now. It's about the only way I know you are real. I want you to know that I'm your daddy and I will always protect you and be here for you.

We have been waiting for our house to sell before setting up your nursery. All the pieces are ready, we're just waiting to figure out where they will be set up. I can't wait to put your room together!

I have a question for you: Do you prefer cloth diapers or disposable? There has been a lot of chatter about trying out cloth diapers. At first I was scared, but not so much anymore. I think it would save us a lot of money, and would be better for the environment. We have to take care of this world we live in...I'll explain that later.

Keep growing big and strong!


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