Letters to Baby: 20 Weeks

Dear love, I'm staring at a pretty big belly right now. I don't mind because I know it's you in there making it so large and firm. There's no hiding you anymore (not that I want to) because I think you popped just in the past couple days. My clothes are really having to stretch!!!

I'm 20 weeks along now, so we're halfway to getting to meet you and see your adorable face! We get to find out if you're a boy or a girl in a couple days. Sometimes, like now, I want to cry because of how much I love you. I think you're going to fit in with me and daddy really well. Last night we went through a lot of names and tried to pick out the right one for you. It is quite hard. I thought we knew your name if you are a girl, but when we said it out loud it just didn't sound right. So we have picked a new one that we really really love. If you are a boy, we have some work to do.

Sometimes I feel a lot of tugging and have sharp pains in my side. Sometimes the pain is really scary. I hope you are growing a lot and are going to stay in there until it's good and safe for you to come out. And then I pray that you don't make it too hard on me so we can deliver you safely and naturally.

Just this past week I've been able to feel you move. You move a lot in the morning and at night. The first time was while we were at the movie Courageous with our life group. I had felt you before when I lay on my stomach, but this time was different. I knew it was you and it felt so real. I can't wait until you get bigger and daddy can feel you, too. Before bedtime we all hang out together and read a story to you. Daddy has the best voices, doesn't he? You gave four kicks for Hop on Pop and only two for Green Eggs and Ham. I agree.

Stay warm, Mom

Dear human baby,

This week we have an ultrasound. Please behave with the ultrasound tech so that we can find out what you are. I really don't care if you are a boy or a girl, but I want to know so that your mom and I can name you.

It's hard to bond with you. You don't kick yet when I touch mom's belly, but she can feel you moving all the time. Not fair! I read you a story the other night and she said you were moving all around. You must like the sound of your daddy's voice. That melted my heart.

I went to a football game this weekend and thought about how I might take you to a game someday. There were lots of dads there bonding with their sons. If you are a girl, I will take you to something else if you want. Consider this a rain check.

You are becoming more and more real every day. Stay healthy and growing in there!

Love, Daddy

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