Letters to Baby: 16 Weeks

Dear B-Dub, I have now officially shared my body with you for four months. Wow. It is pretty special to do that with someone. I hope I am not squishing you when I sleep on my stomach or sit at my desk at work. I am not quite used to you being there.

I  have been feeling really good for the past month. Last time I wrote to you I said I was nervous how my body would change. I actually think it's beautiful to have a baby bump, but it's not always easy. It gets in the way now when I hug your dad. And my stretched abdominal muscles makes it harder to get up out of a chair or bed. But I am not complaining...I am just documenting. Because I want to remember for next time.

I am really anxious to feel you move for the first time. Sometimes I think I feel you, but I am not sure. It could happen anytime in the next few weeks. I think it will be weird and fun at the same time.

I changed my mind and this week I think you are a boy. It is hard to not know. We will find out in a month and are planning a little party with our immediate families, life group and close friends so we can all find out together. I am so excited to meet you and see what you are like. I think you'll fit in with us just perfectly.

We get lots of emails and cards saying congratulations and that your dad and I will be the best parents. I am not sure how they know that. We will for sure try our hardest, but it will be interesting and we will learn a lot along the way.

This weekend I asked your dad if we will still listen to our music so loud in the car once you're here. He says no, that it's bad for your ears. See, he's already looking out for you.

Love you lots, Mama Bear

Dear avocado,

The Internet tells me that's what size you are this week, and that in the next few weeks you will double in size!! You're growing up so fast. We pray for you every day. You are becoming more real to me all the time. Your mom and I still can't believe that you will be here in less than six months.

I am so glad she is feeling better now. I'm trying to understand what she is going through, but I really don't have a clue. I am learning about compassion through all of this (something I'm not very good at).

I think about you a lot, and the person you will grow up to be. I have a big responsibility to raise you up to be a man/woman who will do great things.

I can't wait to find out if you are a boy or girl. You mom keeps changing her mind about what you are, and everyone else has an opinion, too, but I'm staying out of it for now. I don't want to make any guesses, I just want to know for sure what you are!!

Stay cool in there!

Love, Super-Dad

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