Hey God, You're Pretty Funny Sometimes

God, We don't always understand you, but we always love you.

Especially when we come out of spiritual valley and see that your ways are greater than ours. It's humbling, and the clarity it brings causes me to stop and think about how funny you are sometimes.

When we put our house on the market more than a year ago, we weren't yet expecting a child and didn't know exactly when your timing would make that happen. We also thought we could sell our house quickly and get top-dollar for it.

Of course, we were wrong, and you used the past year to teach us much about who we are and how we depend deeply on you.

You always provide. Not always in the way we want, but you always provide.

In this case, it took more than a year before we realized that you wanted us to stay in our home so we could provide a great space to raise our daughter. Not to mention that (thanks to the recommendation of a friend from our life group) we were able to save hundreds of dollars a month by refinancing our home. The timing of our house dropping in value and interest rates at an all-time low forced us to re-evaluate the situation.

In the past month you have eased all of our biggest worries just in time for Rooney's arrival (a little early, just like her dad!).

After refinancing, our next biggest worry was who would take care of Rooney after we went back to work. We were desperate. We started to look for anything that might work. Driving home from work one day, we passed a house in our neighborhood that had a few extra cars in the driveway and I thought, "I bet that is an in-home daycare. Perfect location for us." Kelsey wrote down the address, but we didn't research any further.

The next day I bumped into a co-worker in the lunch room who had literally visited 50 day cares when her first child was born. She is very trustworthy and an expert on this subject. She knew of an in-home day care in our suburb that was highly recommended.

Yep, you guessed it. It was the same house that I spotted the day before. You make us laugh, God! We met the lady and it is a perfect fit. You orchestrated it all in perfect timing before our bundle of joy arrived.

And when Kelsey's water broke, I was just getting out of the shower. Of course you planned that too, right? You know how smelly I get if I don't shower every day. And what an important day it was for me to be so fresh and clean!

So, while we laugh at how funny you are God, we are thankful. We are thankful that you provide and not always in the way that we want. We're thankful that we don't have to move. We're grateful that we found an in-home day care near our home that you didn't want us to sell. And, yes, I'm thankful that you allowed me to shower before driving my pregnant wife to the hospital to have our baby.

This past year we have faithfully prayed for answers to our prayers and you provided answers. We are thankful for the challenges that you set before us and the road we had to travel down to get where we are today. It helped to strengthen our character and prepare us for a new season of life. We adore you!

Have you ever experienced God's sense of humor?