God's {Perfect} Timing

...is way better than ours. Eric and I thought we were ready to become parents last fall, so we started trying for a baby. I traded my birth control pill for a prenatal vitamin and read a book about how to prepare your body for pregnancy.

I felt ready. We prayed for it. I learned as much as I could. We prayed some more. It consumed my thoughts.

We saw a few negative pregnancy tests.

My cycle wasn't predictable.

We kept praying.

The answer wasn't no. It was not yet.

So finally, we stopped stressing out about it. We decided to focus our attention on other things: strengthening our marriage, selling our house, growing our blogs, etc.

And then one day, when we least expected it, I took a pregnancy test. And it was positive. We were shocked! And thankful. It felt like it happened so quick, even though there had been many long days and months.

I still don't understand the timing, but I do believe that it's on purpose. I am glad it happened when we weren't trying so hard because we feel at peace knowing it is a gift from Him. And I am so thankful He strengthened our marriage so we have a strong foundation upon which to build our family.

It took us eight months to get pregnant. I know there are people who have been trying longer than we did.

I know what you're thinking: Sure, you can say it's in God's perfect timing because it's happened for you now. You don't have to wait anymore.

Well, I don't know why God wants me to have a baby in March when I really wanted to have one in September. {But hey, this way I won't be big during the hot summer months!} And I don't know why I am due on the same weekend as the Texas Style Council Conference, which we really really wanted to attend again next year.

And there are still unanswered prayers that we have. Selling our house is a big one! We'd love for that to happen before the baby comes.

But, we know our plans are not the best for us. His are.

Thank God!