Nursery Reveal

With less than two weeks till our due date (really, she could come any time!), we're happy to say that her room is ready! And I think it's officially our favorite room in the house.

Here It Is!

Some Notes

  • We placed the crib furthest from the window and where our hall light won't hit it when we open the door (in case she's asleep). The mobile works for now, but will need to be removed when she can get up on her knees. At that point, the lights will be moved above the rocking chair or maybe even our kitchen table.
  • I'd say the dresser is the focal point of the room, based on placement and the fact that my eye is drawn to it first when I walk in. I am completely in love with the mismatched knobs. We bought them while on vacation. My sister said it best: "It says 'anything goes,' but it's still very cute and clean."
  • The "Let her sleep..." canvas was a project we completed during our Christmas vacation. Eric painted it dark gray and then added a coat of light gray on top, and I cut the letters from two maps we had using stencils, and then we mod podged them on.
  • Yes...her name starts with R!

Product List / Nursery Ideas

What do you think?


P.S. How we planned the nursery.