When It's Your Night on Baby Duty...

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  • You get to make the decision of when she goes to bed, because it ultimately affects what time you'll be getting up in the morning (Roo's a pretty consistent 12-hour sleeper).
  • You make sure the bottle station is ready for the morning feeding.
  • The monitor sits on your side of the bed.
  • You turn the monitor down and bring it close to your ear when the baby starts making noises, so as not to bother your spouse.
  • You are a ninja when it comes to getting out of bed to check on the baby.
  • You don't wake your spouse unless absolutely necessary.
  • It's your opportunity for early morning bonding.
  • You feed the baby and play with her until she is ready for her first nap.

We opt for an every other night schedule for baby duty in our house. This way, we get to sleep in a little bit every other day. I'm sure it looks different in every household, but this really works for us. I know a big reason it works is because breastfeeding didn't. I will also say that we have an amazing baby who sleeps really well. We are so grateful for that.

What does your nightly baby duty look like?