What It's Like to Live With Eric

I got the idea for this post from The Shine Project. I thought it was too fun to pass up! Eric will share his thoughts about me next week.

It's exhausting. Eric is a productivity-machine and generates so many new ideas (a true entrepreneur), that it's hard to keep up! I have mentioned before that I usually feel one year behind him. Like the goals he set for himself this year, I will have those same goals but not until next year. Seriously! One way that Eric affirms me (my love language is words of affirmation) is to call me cutting-edge when I have a good idea or do something before he asks me to do it.

It's like a never-ending game of memory. Except I'm the only one who plays. I joke sometimes that he has dementia (it's not really funny, I know, but I was reading a brochure about dementia for a freelance client the other day, and honestly I could relate!). He has trouble with his short-term memory. He won't remember that I told him that we're going out to eat with a friend next Tuesday. (Did you read that, Eric? This is your second reminder.) Our fairytale, however, and movie lines he remembers every detail! He doesn't have a calendar, and his brain just works different than mine, I guess.

It's hilarious. He is great at impersonations (I'm going to make him do a video blog in a couple weeks, don't you worry). He has a fun sense of humor. Sometimes he has to explain the jokes to me...but that's neither here nor there. Except sometimes it's not funny. One time, I was in the shower (don't worry, this story is PG). I was facing the water, and after a few minutes I turned around and Eric was in there, too. I have never screamed so loud in my life. He started laughing so hard. That's when house rule number three was created.

It's easy. Eric is the definition of a hard worker. He gets things done. If the Internet is down, he picks up the phone to get it fixed. If the drain is not draining, he goes to the store that day to get the stuff to fix it. He takes ownership and responsibility of a lot of things around here. Things are not left unfixed for a week or more. I've never made him a to-do list, but he makes them for himself all the time. The toilet seat has never--not once--been left up (I am so appreciative of his momma for that one!). He is not sassy. He is not snippy. And he is most often the first (or only) one to say sorry after an argument.

Basically, he's the best husband ever. I am so darn lucky.

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