Over the Weekend: May 14-15, 2011

Did you enjoy your weekend? We sure did. Here's why: SATURDAY

  • I posted that we're participating in the MS Walk this upcoming weekend. If you missed it, I invite you to check it out. We'll be walking four miles for those who, because of the disease, no longer can (my mother included). Our fundraising goal is $200. We can reach this goal if all our daily readers give 50 cents. You guys blew me away with your generosity, and we've made it 68% of the way to our goal. I pray that more gifts will be given today and throughout this week. A huge thank you to those who have already donated--I wish you could have seen how excited I got when I saw what you did!
  • We had a house showing (yeah!) and had to get out of our house for a while. Eric and I took some really fun outfit photos that are on Snappy Casual today. Check them out!
  • We moseyed to the mall and found that Banana Republic was having an extra 40% off their sale items until 1 p.m. Score! I crossed the denim shirt off my wants list (I've been searching for one since November!). I also got a vest at BR and some wedges at Payless. My momma will be proud that it was all on sale!

  • We attended a joint bachelor/bachelorette grill out in for our friends Chris and Erin, who we met during the Alpha class at our church. The wind and rain caused us to move the celebration indoors, but we still enjoyed games, company and yummy food.

  • Our second party of the day was for our friends' triplet girls' first birthdays! There were craft stations set up (we made some cute flower barrettes for our nieces), Hickory Park barbecue, dirt dessert in baby jars, a bubble machine, and catching up with friends that we don't see nearly enough. It was a wonderful celebration of the health and life of the triplets, and of the crazy, long year that Missy and Tommy have survived. (You might remember that we visited these three little ladies in the NICU during our Staycation.)


  • Our niece Mylie got baptized! It was a wonderful service and lunch, and Eric and I were honored to be her sponsors.

  • Somebody loved me enough to clean out the hair (and bobby pin...) from our bathtub drain. Have you heard of the Zip It? It worked awesome and cost less than $3 at Menards!

  • A much-needed catnap.

  • A dig through the coupons in the Sunday paper. Have you gotten any good deals lately? We are quite overwhelmed and could use a lesson!

  • Shaping up the yard.

Have a great week, y'all!