What It's Like to Live With Kelsey

You live with a jukebox that plays all day long. Kels is constantly singing, whether or not there is a radio on or music playing. Sometimes the record gets stuck, though, and you have to nudge it, because she likes to sing the same line of one song over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.

You feel like a post office because of all the packages that show up. Kels loves to shop online and hunt for the best possible price. If there is something that we need to order or sign up for, she will gladly do it. I'm not sure why, but she is really good and quick at finding deals. Even if I am using the computer to shop for something, she will gladly take over and plug in all of the information needed. I think she has our debit card number memorized, which is very impressive and scary at the same time.

You make less bad decisions. Kels is there to slow down my decision making so that I make rational decisions instead of emotion-filled, off-the-cuff decisions.

You eat like kings a college kid. Me: Do you want to try one of the sweet recipes from 1 Cup Awesome? Kels: No, I'll just have popcorn for supper. Me: [sad face]

Kels doesn't need a three-course meal for supper. Actually, she would rather go without supper than take the time to make something to eat. And she is very content to eat one main dish (macaroni and cheese, frozen chicken kiev, ramen noodles, or pizza sandwiches) and that alone. No need for sides or dessert; one item only. However, when we go out to eat, it's the complete opposite. She wants an appetizer and a dessert to go with her entre. I'm still trying to figure this out...

It's like living with a walking, talking external hard drive. She has a great memory and is there when I can't remember something. She is also our family corresponder and calendar, so she always knows what we have going on when my memory fails me (daily).

I feel so loved. I'm not the best with physical affection (hugs, smooches, holding hands), so she keeps me in balance. She's always giving hugs and asking for them. It's her loving and caring heart that had me desperately begging her to date me. This is what make her the best wife ever. She balances me out and loves me unconditionally.

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