What Is a Dad?


A natural follow-up to Kelsey's post, I wanted to share the roles I play as dad in the Williamses' house. I think these roles probably look different in other households, and that's OK.

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I am a dad, which also makes me a...

  • Bath expert. Moms have special bonds with babies. They get a nine-month head start, and I find bathing Rooney our special bonding time when I can attempt to catch up. I have given Rooney every bath of her life, except for four.
  • Trolley driver. Not sure why, but I like thinking of our minivan as a trolley. I like to get in and throw down an English accent and proclaim "Alllllll abbbbooooard the trolley!"
  • Champion bottle-washer. I can wash bottles like it's nobody's business. However, I will not be sad the day Rooney no longer drinks from Dr. Brown's bottles. Those things have a million pieces!
  • Number cruncher. As our baby changes ever-so quickly, so does our budget and the needed funds to keep our house stocked with the things she needs. It was comforting for me to crunch the numbers and weigh the options when Kelsey was presented with her new opportunity.
  • Safety, installation, and repairs manager. Putting up the baby gate, installing the car seat, unpacking new baby gear, and putting things together is my specialty.
  • Decision analyst. Kelsey does a lot of research on baby development, but sometimes she makes her decisions based on emotions rather than what is rational. I'm here to balance that out. We need a bit of both as we make decisions. (Remember the head and the heart?)
  • Aviation specialist. I've yet to meet a baby who doesn't love to be thrown around. I take pride in bringing Rooney to laughter as I toss her in the air and then catch her. Zero drops in my lifetime.
  • Photographer. One big reason we decided to purchase a DSLR camera was to capture our children's lives through photos. 

No doubt this list will evolve over the years. Someday I'm sure I'll be a lost-retainer finder...yikes. I must say that being a dad is fantastic. It gets funner and funner all the time.

What roles does dad play in your house?