A Fresh Coat of Paint

logo1 About a year ago, we started talking about redesigning our blog. A year ago!

We originally hoped it would go live before Rooney was born, but we didn't really have a clear vision or the help we needed. You might say we took the scenic route. We'd make progress every now and then, only to decide we wanted to change direction yet again.

You might imagine our surprise, then, yesterday around 4:30 p.m. when we realized we had all the assets we needed to implement it, and decided to go for it! It was kind of a perfect storm. Roo went down for her late-afternoon nap, and we plopped down on the couch (at least I did, Eric is very anti-plop, you should know) and hammered it out in an hour before walking out the door for life group. We felt kind of proud of ourselves!

Credit Is Due

Our friend Joa is responsible for the beautiful branding and design. She took our random ideas (I was adamant that there be lots of white!) and created a layout we all agreed on. She is my favorite blog designer by far. We love working with her!

Our other friend Jason is responsible for making it happen. That dude knows the Standard 3 code better than almost anybody. (I'm serious.) (Eric was adamant we use Standard Theme for it's back-end, SEO, and support team.)

Out With the Old

Remember what our site used to look like?


That design served us well for 2.5 years and saw more than 1 million page views! Not a terrible design, but we felt like we had outgrown it very quickly.

In With the New

Our new design is clean, fresh and simple! I think we'll be writing with a newfound confidence and tone. If you can't tell, we love it, and hope you do, too.

color set circular

Please let us know if something looks funky on your screen - we are still tweaking but I know things don't always translate how we want them to in every browser or medium! We've already fixed some bugs and you may just need to refresh your screen or clear your browser cache.