A Parent's Love


parents love

It's pretty difficult to articulate a parent's love. If you are a parent you probably know what I'm talking about. If you don't, I hope someday you do. The only way I can attempt to explain it is through examples of ways that we love our daughter.

How We Love Rooney

  • When we try to get her attention and she ignores us, we still pursue her.
  • When she is striving for something, we encourage her.
  • When she is crying, we cry with her.
  • When she is in pain, our hearts break.
  • When she smiles, we smile.
  • When she laughs, we laugh.
  • When she accomplishes, we rejoice.
  • When she steps out of bounds, we discipline her with love in our hearts.

When I think about how much we love Rooney and the way we display our love, it blows my mind to think how much God loves us as His children. If you reread the list above from God's perspective, it's easy to see the heart that He has for us. He loves us unconditionally and although we don't always feel His presence, He is there encouraging us, crying with us, pursuing us, rejoicing with us, etc.

Like Rooney, sometimes I'm so caught up in what is right in front of me, I forget to look up and see my Father smiling down on me and watching my every move with joy in His heart.

What's your perspective on how God loves you?