Thoughts From an Expectant Father

I've been writing down some of the random thoughts that I have had since finding out that I'm going to be a daddy. There's no structure to this post, just my thoughts.

  1. I feel like I have had some great training for this whole fatherhood thing. I mean, we watch Parenthood, and are planning on watching Up All Night. What more is there to know?
  2. The joy and excitement I had when I heard that little heart beating at 160 bpm made this whole situation real. And then two days later when I saw the 1-1/2 inch tike swimming around in Kelsey's belly, the excitement multiplied exponentially.
  3. I finally have the right to buy a mini-van, and I will exercise that right! So economical, yet so uncool to the untrained eye.
  4. I really hope my wife doesn't forget about me when the baby comes. That's my worst fear. Well, that and changing diapers. Maybe I should use Mylie as a training aid?
  5. My hope is that I can love my child as much as my parents loved me. That would be perfect.
  6. Kelsey has eaten so much Taco John's that I'm beginning to think our baby will come out with a mustache and sombrero.
  7. I'm overwhelmed by the number of decisions we are going to have to make over the next few months. Good thing God is in control.
  8. I hope our child sleeps like Kelsey.
  9. This shouldn't be that hard; people have kids all the time. No, way dummy, raising a child will be the hardest thing you ever do. Dang it, leave me alone.

I'm sure I will have many more thoughts as this adventure continues...

Now accepting advise from those more experienced than I. Let's hear it, dads!