Couch Parenting


Do you watch the TV show Parenthood? OMG, if you don't, you should. I feel like it is a show that bridges all generations and speaks to all demographics, whether you are a parent, a teenager, a young adult or a grandparent.


The show revolves around four children and their parents, Zeek and Camille Braverman. Currently, here's what's going on with each of them:

  1. Adam is married to Kristina and they have two kids: Max has Asperger's and Haddie is a slightly rebellious teen.
  2. Sarah is a 38-year-old single mother who recently moved back in with her parents with her two kids, Amber and Drew.
  3. Julia is a successful lawyer and mom with one daughter, Sydney. Her husband, Joel, is a stay-at-home dad.
  4. Crosby is a young man who hasn't quite figured anything out yet (he has a kid, Jabbar, out of wedlock and cheated on his ex-fiance, Jasmine).

Best of all, it spurs questions and discussions between Kels and I. And we often spend time chatting with other Parenthood fans about the show as well. A gal I work with encouraged me to write this post, because we chat after every episode. What did you think about Haddie and her new boyfriend? What would you do in that situation? Don't you just love Zeek? He is my favorite.

The conversations are deep and cut to the heart of life. It inspires us to live out a better life after analyzing what we have seen on TV.

Kels and I call it couch parenting.

We get a trial run at parenting by talking about how we might handle a situation differently than they did on the show, and simply getting a glimpse of some of the hard decisions we are going to have to make someday as parents.

We love it. Some might call it an addiction. And we even missed the first season! We're late bloomers, we know. If you're behind like us, you can catch up online or get season one on Netflix.


If you've seen the show and are a fan, what character do you most relate with?

I think I am a combination of Adam and Joel. High strung like Adam, though...

Which makes Kels (since we're married) a combination of Julia and Kristina--pretty accurate, really.