Nutritionally Challenged

CAUTION: When you open your cupboards for the world to see, you better be ready for them to be scrutinized heavily. A few weeks ago we recorded a video post after our weekly grocery trip. The post was done from a financial perspective on how we budget our food money, but we received a handful of comments about how poor our nutritional choices were. Yikes! After we wiped the tears away, we realized that you share out of love!

This left us feeling very convicted about the types of food we put into our bodies. This is something neither of us have ever focused on or cared about. We concluded that we are uneducated in this subject and are in need of a nutritional overhaul.

Steps We Are Taking:

  1. Admitting. This is the first step toward recovery, right? We admit we suck at eating healthy, and are severely uninformed on the subject of nutrition. (That wasn't so hard...)
  2. Educating. We realize that before we can change our eating habits we need to understand nutrition and what good choices and bad choices look like. One reader encouraged us to watch "Food, Inc.," which we did. I wouldn't say the documentary changed our life, but it certainly gave us something to think about in terms of changing our food intake. After our gender reveal party we quizzed our moms about the lifestyle changes they have made over the years through Weight Watchers. We are totally open to other great resources you may know of for understanding the basics of nutrition and diet.
  3. Implementing. We know each other well enough to realize we are not going to flip 180 degrees overnight. That simply won't work for us. But by taking baby steps, we can start to get on the right track toward a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a look at the items from our most recent grocery trip. Again, we're not perfect, but we made a conscious effort to buy healthier foods than we have in the past. We also discovered that our grocery store uses the Nuval system. It basically has a number printed on the price tag between 1-100 showing you which options are healthy. The higher the number, the more nutritious the item. We found this super helpful the first time around!! Check it out:

Greek yogurt! Light Italian bread! Whole grain cereal and pasta! Skim milk! Granola bars instead of Mini Muffins! Low-sodium soup!

Lots of fruit! Reduced fat salty snacks!

  • Some of the items were purchased to make beanie weenie and spaghetti this week.
  • We promise our freezer is already stocked with our favorite vegetables (peas, green beans and corn).
  • Also, did you know Spaghettios are healthier than macaroni and cheese?

Help Us Help Each Other

I think for the first baby step, we should start with breakfast. If we can start our day with a healthy nutritional breakfast, we will be starting successfully. So here is where you come in. We are asking for your help to come up with some great nutritional breakfast ideas. Leave a comment with the what and the why behind your healthy breakfast food. We already took a step as I bought some yogurt, healthy cereal, and eggs instead of peanut butter toast everyday. Kelsey substituted her powered donuts and mini muffins for the Nature Valley granola bars.

Maybe we can all help each other be more nutritious!


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