Who Will Our Baby Look and Act Like?

Disclaimer: We know that God is creating a beautiful baby for us, and we will love our daughter no matter how she looks. But sometimes it's fun to think about who she might look like in physical appearance and our internal characteristics as well. We are spawning a super-baby in this post in which our child will have only the best qualities from each of us and none of our flaws. It's going to be awesome! :)

Here is our mutually agreed upon list of our choices.

Physical Appearance

  • Eyes: Eric (have you seen those green beauties?)
  • Ears: Kelsey
  • Nose: Eric
  • Legs: Eric (He did win a best legs contest at work last year...)
  • Arms: Eric (Only because Kelsey doesn't like her arms.)
  • Hair: She's probably going to have dark brown curly hair, although Eric had blond hair until he was 5 or 6. If we are talking arm and leg hair, hopefully Kelsey. Eric has enough for the whole family.
  • Smile: Kelsey
  • Teeth: Kelsey


  • Athletic ability: Both. If our baby gets the best of both our athletic abilities, we'll see you at the Olympics in 2032.
  • Balance: Eric
  • Book smarts: Kelsey (4.0 student right there, folks)
  • Street smarts: Eric
  • Patience: Kelsey
  • Sleeping skills: Kelsey
  • Waking up skills: Eric
  • Driving skills: Eric
  • Humor: Eric
  • Immune system: Eric
  • Pain tolerance: Kelsey
  • Memory: Kelsey
  • Singing voice: Kelsey
  • Handwriting: Kelsey

Anything you would change or add? Have you ever thought about this sort of thing?