A Grocery Trip

We apologize for the long video. We wanted to be as open and thorough as posssible to give you a look into our meal planning/grocery shopping. We are NOT pros, but it works for us. And we are always looking for suggestions.

  • We typically spend around $40 on our lunch supplies for the week, but this time we spent $97.91! I'd be upset except that we actually planned out some dinners and have a lot of food in our cupboards now that will last us a while!
  • Eric ended up brining our chicken breasts using this recipe and following these cooking instructions to make grilled chicken sandwiches. They were so delicious! I like to eat mine on a garlic toast bun.

How do you think we did?


We hear you! Before you comment on how terribly unhealthy our purchases were, read the follow-up post on how nutritionally challenged we are. We're working on it! }