This Weekend We...

  • Spent Friday night apart. Kelsey got a pedicure with a friend while I purged the fridge of leftovers and watched Shark Tank. (I love it!)

Leftover smorgasboard


  • Spent Saturday morning apart as I went for a run and then joined my good friend Justin for breakfast and some man talk. Kelsey ran some errands and treated herself to a much-deserved doughnut.



  • Bumped into an old friend at the Pizza Ranch. Mike was the first friend I made in kindergarten.

old friends

  • Went shopping for a storm door.
  • Witnessed unexplainable pregnancy giggles.


  • Took a nap after Kelsey stopped laughing.


  • Went to church.
  • Picked up some burgers, cheese balls and shakes on our way home.


  • Caught up on the past two episodes of Parenthood.
  • Didn't set an alarm for Sunday morning.
  • Split up for lunch. Kelsey met her sister in Ankeny and I did the grocery shopping for the week. I also spent sometime trying to improve my penmanship.

practicing penmanship

  • Watched the red carpet and part of the Academy Awards with our good friends Tommy and Missy, and taste-tested Tommy's first batch of home brew.


home brew

What happened in your world this weekend?


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