Our First Baby Shower

baby shower

Last weekend my sister, Kari, and my friend and co-worker Keisha threw us an awesome baby shower at our house.

(my full outfit and details can be found on Snappy Casual)

And all these wonderful people showed up and reminded me how awesome our friends and family are!

baby shower group

In general, I try to not talk too much about my pregnancy or the baby in fear of being annoying (or hurtful, for those who are struggling), so it was fun to have a couple hours to really celebrate my belly and catch up with friends who I don't get to see very often (a few who traveled two-plus hours to be there!).

We ate, we chatted, we laughed...

baby shower food

baby shower fruit

baby shower decorations

baby shower gifts

(Sorry about my sour face, mom. I promise I'm excited about Sophie!)

baby shower gifts opened

As you can see, we got a ton of great stuff! We also made a couple Target trips this week and placed an online order, so I think as far as supplies go we're pretty much ready! (We'll be having a couple more showers after she's born, so there are still lots of items on our registry, but I think we have everything we should need for her when she comes!)

Once her nursery is complete (after we get the Target shipment), we'll take photos and reveal her room! Everyone who came to the baby shower got a sneak peek, and my mom cried when she walked in there. So stay tuned for that in a couple weeks! (For now you can read about our nursery planning.)

Well, OK...

Here is a sneak peek for you...because I want to show you the thumbprint tree that was the guestbook for the shower!

baby shower guest book

Thanks to everyone who came to the shower, and to Amy for snapping the gift-opening photos so Eric could hang out with his dad!