Thanksgiving in Washington, D.C. [Part 2]

Did you see part 1 of our trip to D.C.? Here is a recap of the last two days of our trip...


Kelsey was reunited with her long-lost relative--the giant panda.

The best Chinese food I have ever had! Even the sweet and sour chicken was delicious (I normally can't stand it).

We had great luck with the metro elevators all weekend, but the one at the Archives stop was out of order. We improvised...twice.

The photo behind the photos.

I especially loved the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery in the Newseum. I bought a book as my only souvenir of the trip. So many cool stories!

We broke down and took a cab to finish up our tour of the monuments.

I waited in line for hours to use the restroom. Usually these types of lines are for the women's restroom... ;)

This is my favorite photo from the trip. I used some long exposure knowledge I recently read about to capture the Jefferson memorial in all it's beauty across the tidal basin.


What vacation is complete without a little shopping? We took the metro to historic Georgetown so Kelsey could visit her favorite shops.

We were lucky enough to have lunch with a few blogger friends, too! It was so great to meet Megan and Tania. They are two of the nicest ladies.

We were going to get Kelsey's mom a Georgetown Cupcake, but the line was halfway up the block.

We didn't buy those fans, but I thought they were photo worthy. We did buy these assortment of knobs for our little muffin's dresser.

And smoothies for the walk back to the metro.

We had an amazing trip. We are so thankful that Kelsey's parents were willing to pay our way so the family could all be together for the holiday. We have memories etched in our brains that we can share with each other from this trip. We are also thankful for the gorgeous weather. It was 65-70 and sunny each day and made being outside at the end of November a perfect way to spend our four-day vacation.