Disney World: Magic Kingdom (Round 2)

Our second day at Magic Kingdom was filled with a lot of classic Disney World attractions that I have heard about for years from friends. The rides that I dreamt about someday visiting were finally on our agenda for our second trip to Magic Kingdom. The day started with a character breakfast at the Crystal Palace. No better way to start a long day at Magic Kingdom. When Kaleb was a baby he loved the stuffed Tigger that Papa Randy (my dad) gave him.

Kelsey and my mom waited in line for 30 minutes to see the princesses, including Belle, Kelsey's favorite Disney character.

I had an absolute blast riding: Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Head Mountain, and Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress.

Here was our itinerary for the day (my favorites are bolded and linked):

Character breakfast at Crystal Palace

1. Arrive at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom 50 minutes prior to opening. Get guide maps and the daily entertainment schedule. 2. In Frontierland, ride Splash Mountain. Do NOT use FASTPASS. 3. Ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. 4. In Adventureland, Ride Pirates of the Caribbean. 5. Take the Jungle Cruise (use FASTPASS if needed). 6. See Enchanted Tiki Room. 7. In Frontierland, see Country Bear Jamboree. 8. Explore the Swiss Family Treehouse. 9. Eat lunch. 10. Take the train from Frontierland to Mickey's Toontown Fair. 11. Tour Mickey's Toontown Fair and meet the characters. 12. Go to Tomorrowland. 13. If you haven't eaten, try Cosmic Ray's or the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station. 14. See Monsters, Inc., Comedy Club. 15. See Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress. 16. See the evening parade on Main Street. 17. See the evening fireworks on Main Street. A good viewing spot is to the right of the central hub, on the walkway toward Tomorrowland.

******* EVENING SURPRISE *********

I am sure you are all dying to know what the evening surprise was right? OK, I'll tell you. My mom got us all tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. What a special treat! Thanks, Mom! This was a lot of fun as the sun had set and there were only about 25% of the crow that was left in the park for the party. It was a great end to a great day.