Disney World: Magic Kingdom

My almost-5-year-old nephew says, "How do they do that?" and then answers his own question, "I guess it's magic."

This has to be the exact picture that Disney World (DW) is trying to paint in the minds of children. By day two I had realized that they were complete marketing geniuses. They have souveniers for EVERYTHING! And to top it all off, you exit every ride right through a gift shop. Brilliant! (However, it's terrible for parents that are trying to convince their children that they don't need one of everything.)

Day 2 was Magic Kingdom for my mom's 50th birthday. We bought her some happy birthday Mickey ears so she could celebrate all day. Disney World also gave her a happy birthday pin so that all the Cast Members (what they call the DW staff) could help make her day special.

Here was our itinerary for the day (my favorites are bolded and linked):

1. Arrive at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom 50 min. prior to opening. Get guide maps and the daily entertainment schedule. 2. In Tomorrowland, ride Space Mountain 3. Ride Buzz Lightyear 4. In Fantasyland, ride Winnie the Pooh. 5. Ride Peter Pan's Flight. 6. See Mickey's PhilharMagic 7. Ride It's a Small World 8. In Liberty Square, see The Haunted Mansion. 9. Experience the Liberty Belle Riverboat. 10. Eat lunch 11. See The Hall of Presidents 12. In Frontierland, see Country Bear Jamboree 13. Explore Tom Sawyer Island. 14. Go to Tomorrowland via the central hub 15. See Stitch's Great Escape 16. Ride the Tomorrowland Transit Authority 17. Shop, see live entertainment, or revisit favorite attractions.

Supper at Chef Mickey

It's a Small World is the creepiest ride I have ever been on. I know is nostalgic, but come on...

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin was a cool interactive ride where you shoot at targets with guns that are attached to your car. Kaleb really liked this and we rode it a handful of times. I think we rode it enough that we finally defeated the Evil Emperor Zurg.

We were bummed that Space Mountain was closed when we were there. We rode the Disney Land version in Califorinia the year before, but missed out on DW's version.

There was a parade in the afternoon that we hung around for. Kels and my mom went to get some ice cream while I saved our spots on the bridge. It got hot so Kels took her cardigan off and set it on the railing. Then, oops it fell down under the bridge. One of the Cast Members graciously went down and retrieved it with a smile on his face. Can't say enough about how wonderful all of the Cast Members were at DW.

We had a Character Supper with Mickey and friends at Chef Mickey. This made my mom's face light up. She is such a kid at heart!