Disney World: Epcot (Round 2) and Downtown Disney

It's been both fun and somber to write about our trip to Disney World. We had such a great time and as I write I am getting the same feelings that we had when we were there. Can't believe that it is the last day already. Well, it started off with a bang at the Test Track. I think this was collectively everyone's favorite ride. We rode it a couple of times that day.

Get-to-know my family time: Fact 1-My mom has a small bladder and as geneology would have it, the trait has been passed on down the generations. Fact 2- Kelsey has an iron bladder.

This was quite comical throughout the whole week as Kelsey was left waiting for us time after time as we stopped at every bathroom we came across. During one of these breaks Kels decided to go on ahead to Innoventions East. She went through a recycling exercise sponsored by Waste Management all by herself. This turned out to be quite fun for the rest of us once we caught up. It teaches your family the benefits of recycling through a fun interactive series of mini-games.


Here was our itinerary for the day (my favorites are bolded and linked)

1. Arrive 40 minutes before the official opening time. Pick up a park map and daily entertainment schedule when entering the park. 2. Ride Test Track. Use FASTPASS if wait exceeds 30 min. 3. Ride Mission: Space 4. Tour Innoventions East 5. See the Universe of Energy 6. Ride Spaceship Earth 7. Take the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride at the Mexico Pavilion in World Showcase. This begins a clockwise tour of World Showcase 8. Ride Maelstrom at Norway. Use FASTPASS if wait exceeds 20 min 9. See Reflections of China 10. Visit Germany 11. Visit Italy 12. See The American Adventure 13. Visit Japan; don't miss the garden area and the gallery exhibit in back 14. Visit Morocco 15. Dinner at Planet Hollywood. Enjoy Illuminations

Downtown Disney is a separate attraction from the parks and is more of a souvenir shopping center with some great restaurants. We ate at Planet Hollywood for our last supper before we departed home early in the morning.