The North Face Theory

Have you ever noticed that you never see just one unit of a married couple wearing a North Face jacket? It's almost as if they must come in a 2-pack for couples. Or maybe they run specials where you buy one get one free for your spouse? I realized this tonight when we were walking into church. There they were, walking in ahead of us: the perfect young family with two kids under age 5 happy as could be, each parent carrying a child into church and both sporting the North Face jackets with their highly recognizable logo on the back shoulder.

This trend of couples wearing the same outfit is not a new concept. My mom and stepdad took country line dancing lessons once when I was a kid and they both came home with matching cowboy/cowgirl shirts and belts with their names branded on the back and their initials on the buckle. I am happy to report that they didn't wear that out in public--and don't worry, I turned out OK.

Don't get me wrong, we have friends that wear matching North Face jackets and I think it is pretty cool. In some ways I am jealous. People always tell me that my wife looks like my sister, and that is way worse than owning the same jacket as your spouse. To me it kind of says, "Look at us, we're on the same team," which is how a marriage should be.

I want to own a North Face jacket, but I guess my wife doesn't or we would both have them. She is the fashonista of our family anyway.