How We Shared the News

I knew I would spill the beans early to my family unless we had a fun plan in place on how to share the news. Here's how it all went down. My parents, sister and brother were given these personalized M&Ms (my mom's favorite candy). Some of them also said "We're Pregnant!" but they are not pictured because we used them all on the cupcakes (see below). (Also, yes, our due date has changed since we ordered these.) Eric says these are the most expensive M&Ms you'll ever eat.

We tole Eric's mom while on the pontoon in Okoboji. We had planned on giving her M&Ms as well, bu the timing never worked out. She was so excited and had a hard time keeping the secret.

Eric's dad received the news in his birthday card. We also had his stepmom and sister read the card later. It was really fun to watch them read the news and then react. His sister wins for the most tears.

We made cupcakes and announced to our co-workers by having our receptionist email out this riddle: "Two employees are going to be parents, but there's only one baby. How can it be?" and directed them to our break room, where Eric and I were waiting with our treats.

We will have our Friday Fairytale Innerconnection Honeymoon Collection song list posted this afternoon. Be sure to come back and check it out.

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