Happy Birthday, Kelsey!

Happy 29th birthday, Kelsey (Mommy)! What a crazy year it's been.

Rooney and Daddy

Because it's easy to forget, I wanted to remember 29 of the greatest memories from the past year (in no particular order):

  1. We finally had a couples Halloween costume.
  2. Walked your pregnant self all around the District of Columbia.
  3. Conceptualized and realized an awesome nursery for our daughter.
  4. We cleaned out our basement.
  5. Watched the entire series of Friday Night Lights. No regrets. Texas forever.
  6. Spent a week at the place we fell in love 9 years ago.
  7. Traded in your dream car for a minivan.
  8. Spent quality time walking our empty stroller to pick up Roo from day care.
  9. You saved our daughter from choking on peas.
  10. Watched enough food documentaries to guilt us into thinking differently about the food we eat.
  11. Gave birth to Rooney au naturale.
  12. Made it through the baby blues.
  13. Started a tradition of watching Rooney sleep - you SNEAKY mom!
  14. Ate our weight in Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Half Baked for you, Phish Food for me. Totally rebelling against #11.
  15. You kept my spirits up and helped me through a rough patch.
  16. We made the decision to bring wellness into our life.
  17. You had the instincts to walk away from a scam.
  18. We had a lot of fun in photo booths.
  19. You do the diligent work of researching our baby's development and help us make informed decisions.
  20. Supported me while training and running my first 20K.
  21. Because next year will be your golden birthday, your birth month has turned into your birth year; starting Jan. 1, 2013. Boom! Get ready. That's only three months away!
  22. Discovered what "vacation" was like with a baby.
  23. Only took us 5.5 months to write thank yous for all the wonderful gifts that Rooney's birth brought.
  24. You accomplished at least three of your goals for the year with 3 months to go in 2012.
  25. Enjoyed parasailing.
  26. Giggled your way through breastfeeding class.
  27. Made it on the big screen at church on your first Mother's Day.
  28. Took full advantage of DQ's buy 1, get 1 free Blizzard deal during March.
  29. Shared countless conversations filled with laughs, tears, smiles, sadness, heartache, frustrations and dreams.

Whether it was the good, bad or ugly - it doesn't matter. I wouldn't trade sharing any of these moments with anyone else. I hope you have an awesome birthday and know truly how much I cherish you.

Happy birthday!

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