Over the Weekend: Oct. 28-30, 2011


It was a day of excitement for us, and it started with a lot of laughs at work, as it's always funny to see people in the office dressed up in Halloween costumes. Kelsey and I went as Juno and Paulie. How do you think we did?

Juno and Paulie Bleeker

After work, we hurried home to get ready for our gender reveal party. In case you missed it, we are having a girl!! Kelsey guessed right (she was quoted as saying "I'm 100% sure it's a girl" more than once) while I remained neutral. I like to think her motherly instincts are getting pretty strong. (We'll have a post about the details of the party and a video later this week.)

And we were so happy to have our families and closest friends at the party!


My mom and nephew and Kelsey's parents stayed the night with us, and Saturday morning we all ventured downtown to the last farmers' market of the year. We bought a little pumpkin to paint pink and purple, and Kelsey's parents bought us a cute little stocking hat for our babe. (You'll get a better look at both those things later this week.) It was brisk with temps in the mid-30s, so we enjoyed some hot chocolate and coffee.

We had an appointment at noon with our life group to make sandwiches and cookies for a homeless ministry through our church. We enjoyed some grilled burgers and brats and watched some football as well.

Kels and I headed to church for the Saturday night service then to the mall to order our new iPhones. They are all sold out in the Des Moines area but we have them ordered for shipment by Nov. 11. Kelsey will have to live a better story for two extra weeks.

We then enjoyed Panera for supper. Just look at how happy my beautiful wife is. I can't wait until our little girl is here; it just feels so different now that we know what we are having. And, of course, Kelsey can't wait to dress that little princess.


I went and got some festive donuts for breakfast, a new Sunday morning tradition. Happy Halloween, everybody!!

The afternoon was spent meeting with friends. Kelsey met up with our friend Bridget at Orange Leaf and our friend Justin came over to our house. We love meeting one-on-one with friends to discuss life and deepen our friendships. They are also important to invest in along with our marriage.

Sunday night we got groceries and it was also Beggar's Night for our city, so we enjoyed passing out candy to the all the little ghouls and goblins. Otherwise it was a pretty quiet Sunday.

How was your weekend? We are traveling the next four weekends, and then we'll be home for one weekend before traveling the following three weekends for Christmas festivities, so we feel like we could use another day to relax.

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