A Mess


Hey friends - quick update. We were in Okoboji last week, introducing Rooney to the place we fell in love and got married. She also got her first (second and third) boat ride!

We were gone for nine nights and also attended both of our 10-year high school reunions. Went on a couple dates. Ran a 5k. And went parasailing! We tried to be sneaky and scheduled posts for last week ahead of time (well, I missed on Thursday, but there was still some good stuff to read here last week).

So, this is just a short post to say...we are back from vacation. And a vacation with a 4-month-old is really not a vacation :) It was a much-needed break from our day jobs and a chance at full-time parenting. Which is great! But different than we're used to! You understand?

Rooney is either teething or going through a growth spurt. Or both?! We're missing sleep and are kind of a mess. Tonight I just really need a date with my husband, so we're heading over to the couch for a little Friday Night Lights on Netflix. (We're in season three and it is oh so good!)

Next time we'll schedule posts for the week AFTER vacation so we can dig ourselves out of the laundry pile. This week might be a bit sparse, but maybe we'll rally and surprise even ourselves. Have a great week!