Fairytale, Chapter 5: Girl Trusts God

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A bunch of us had scheduled a get-together back in Mason City a few weeks into our summer break. It was so great to see everyone, but especially each other. We had been emailing back and forth and our connection was even stronger. We went out for lunch and then miniature golfing. Afterward, Kels and her roommate decided to come back to my hometown for the evening to hang out with some mutual girl friends who I went to high school with and also attended NIACC. I thought this was strange, but that it would be fun to spend some more time with the group.

Kelsey: It wasn't that strange. Right? We all had such a fun day together, and I wasn't ready to leave yet. Plus, a lot of my college friends (boys and girls) were from Belmond.

When we got to Belmond, there was not a lot to do, so the guys did what we did almost every free night we had in the summer: play basketball at "the courts." (We have one decent outdoor court in town by our swimming pool and that's where we hone our basketball skills when there is not snow on the ground). The boys played ball and the girls watched. For some reason, Kelsey was acting extra flirty with me all day. But, remember, I had decided that it was OK to be friends and just to focus on that. I have very vivid memories of Kelsey cheering me on that night, "Woooo!!! Go Eric!!!" every time I scored a bucket. Naturally, I was flying on clouds. After the basketball game we hung out some more and Kelsey continued to flirt with me the rest of the night. I tried very hard to play it cool, but this time her flirting seemed different. It seemed more than a game. Before we parted ways that night, we kissed. She really liked me this time. So, I asked her on a date. And she said YES!!!!!!

Kelsey: I honestly don't remember cheering for him or flirting with him like he says I did. But, I was definitely attracted to the fact that my best guy friend was now in love with God. And after spending a few weeks apart, I was really starting to miss him. As much as I might not have wanted to admit it, I was falling for him.

Finally I was getting somewhere with this girl. My life seemed to be looking up. Jesus was now my homeboy, and the girl I had been chasing for months finally agreed to go on a date with me.

OUR FIRST DATE The next Friday night after work, I headed to Kelsey's parents' house to pick her up. Being from small towns definitely limits the dating scene. We headed to the country club for a nice supper. We didn't have the typical first date awkwardness that you would think: We were already good friends, so most of the pressure of the "first date" was held at bay.

After dinner we went to her parents' house and watched a movie, Road to Perdition. (It's an odd movie for a first date, we know, but it was what they had at their house.) We held hands. We went in her parents' hot tub. Then, we kissed. And I asked her if she would be my girlfriend...

This was the defining moment. Would she crush my heart once and for all?

Nope. She said, "Definitely!"

More next Friday...