Fairytale, Chapter 11: The Wedding

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Finally, the day was upon us. The forecast was spectacular and a few days before our wedding we headed to Okoboji to decorate the church and reception area for the celebration of our marriage. We had lots of family and a few friends to help with all the details.

When Saturday came, we were ready. There was no more that could be done to prepare us for the day. We were so excited to turn the page to a new chapter in our fairytale. I was an emotional mess all day. I don't know if I have shared that with you yet. I get it from my mom. I get choked up a lot. And our wedding day, a bullfrog just decided to camp out in my throat and hang out for the day. Same with the anticipation butterflies. They were all worked up in my stomach. I was so glad I got to hang out with my favorite guys throughout the day before it was time to see my bride.

In the morning, I sent Kelsey some flowers. Then the boys had lunch at Tweeter's, a sports bar. I think I had a buffalo chicken sandwich, but I can't really remember. We watched most of the Hawkeye game before we had to be to the church to get ready. When we were getting into our tuxes, I realized that I was given size 14 shoes, and they were huge. Luckily, my groomsman Doug is not as self-conscious of his feet as I am and swapped me his pair of 13s. He's a true gentleman on every level.

If you have been in a wedding before, you know that there is always way too much time to sit around before the festivities begin. This seemed to take forever. The waiting was killing me. Apparently, it was getting to Kels, too. I found out later that a few of my groomsman had to calm down her nerves in the hallway. I think she was looking to make a run for it. Lucky for me she forgot her running shoes. ;)

Finally it was time to take pictures. Before that began, Kels and I had planned to meet at the front of the church to see each other for the first time. Doesn't she look so beautiful? I loved her dress, as it was pretty simple and allowed her beauty to show. Thus began the marathon of photos. And by the time we were done, my jaw was sore from all of the smiling.

The ceremony was very nice and Garrett (our best man) sang a song that we co-wrote for the wedding. He later recorded it. He's awesomely talented.

After the ceremony, we signed the papers and took a short cruise down by the lake in convertibles. It was such a gorgeous fall day: 70s and sunny.

Finally it was time to relax a little at the reception. We walked into Huey Lewis and the News' "Power of Love," which I think is the only wedding decision I stuck to my guns on and got my way with!

Kelsey's dad said the prayer before dinner and accidentally asked God to bless Eric and Kathy. (His brother's name is Eric and he is married to Kathy.) We still laugh about this.

We ate dinner and then our wedding party gave speeches, which are always fun. Lots of tears and sweet things were said. And, of course, an embarrassing story about the time Garrett de-pantsed me during cross country practice. I didn't impress any girls while trying to touch my toes in a jock strap...

Kelsey's brother ensured me that I had it easy. I could take Kels out for our anniversary every year and spend $20 on a chicken strip dinner and make her the happiest girl in the world. True fact.

After the speeches, we had the typical wedding dance festivities...

Our first dance was to "Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts.



Toward the end of the dance, we were exhausted.

Finally, as long as we had waited, as far as we had come and as much as our relationship had grown together, we were finally married. And after all of the planning, the day had finally come and gone. It was perfect.

If you attended our wedding, share your favorite memory or moment in the comments below!

Next week, Kels will talk about the honeymoon...